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Circotex builds Europe’s most sustainable textile colouring factory by being the first in Europe to demonstrate the latest innovative technologies in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam.

Circotex colours polyester yarns and fabrics without using water and added chemicals, by using less energy and reducing CO2 emissions compared to classic colouring techniques. By doing so, Circotex aims to meet the increasing demand in sustainable produced textiles, contribute to the European circular textile supply chain and ensure economic growth. We will initially focus on the automotive and technical textile markets, shortly after followed by the clothing industry.


By continuously incorporating new innovations, Circotex aims to remain the most innovative European factory for colouring textiles.


Circotex was founded by 2 experienced entrepeneurs, Reinier Mommaal and Erwin Schols. Reinier has been working in the sustainable textile production industry for more than 12 years, including founding DyeCoo in 2008. Erwin has a lot of experience in corporate finance and management positions in small and medium-sized businesses.


The built of the sustainable colouring factory is made possible as a result of investments from the Amsterdams Klimaat & Energiefonds (AKEF), the Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland (PDENH) and DOEN Participaties (DOEN). Circotex also received a grant from the European Regional Development Fund and Kansen voor West

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