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Circotex & Borgstena teamed up to develop waterfree dyed automotive textiles

Updated: Mar 3

Circotex, a new sustainable dyeing & finishing company from The Netherlands and Borgstena Textile from Portugal have teamed up to develop a complete waterfree dyeing process for automotive textiles. This process will reduce the water consumption to zero, eliminate the use of additive chemicals for the dyeing process and reduces the overall energy (LCA) footprint.

Circotex is aiming to use the best available technologies for a waterfree process. For the dyeing process we initially will make use of the CO2 dyeing technology developped by DyeCoo Textile Systems also from The Netherlands. For the scouring and reduction clearing process Circotex is finalizing the tests with technologies also eliminating the use of water.

Over the last 2 years Circotex and Borgstena conducted numerous tests for the CO2 dyeing process together with Circotex partner Yeh Group in Thailand. New developed dyes and UV absorbers have been tested according to the standards used in the automotive industry.

Circotex and Borgstena are aiming to introduce sustainable dyed products in 2024


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